Key facts

  • Generating clean, reliable and cost effective electricity

  • Producing 180MW of power or approximately 25% of Tanzania’s electricity needs

  • Project investment of USD 320million

  • Long term partnership with Government of Tanzania, TANESCO, TPDC, Globeleq, FMO and TDFL

  • Providing more than 100 job opportunities

In routing the pipeline, every effort was made to minimize the impact on local populations.  When the pipeline crossed land belonging to people, Songas, working with the Government, provided fair compensation to land-owners for any inconvenience and restrictions, often providing them with a better life.  Songas also contributes to the health, education and well-being of the people of Songo Songo Island providing essential fresh water supplies, a dispensary building, a jetty for the islander’s use and secondary school scholarships to the island’s top students.

Songas continues to implement a range of development initiatives addressing health, education, conservation and livelihood improvement to the residents of Songo Songo Island and those communities living along the wayleave The Company invests in excess of US$350,000 per year on these projects.


Safely provide clean , reliable, cost effective electricity, creating sustainable returns and supporting the development of the electricity power sector in Tanzania

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