New Job: Water Chemistry Plant Operator



Job Title: Water Chemistry Plant Operator 
Department: Operations
Reports To: Shift Charge Engineer 


Purpose of Role
To monitoring and treating water for plant usage particularly on Chillers, gas boilers, and sprint water in the treatment facility. The emphasis of the work is on performing routine tests to ensure optimum quality of water and efficient operation of the plant. Work includes conducting hourly rounds of the plant, maintaining records, performing tests on water and other plant systems, adding required chemicals to water, troubleshooting mechanical problems, assisting plant operations engineers, and performing related duties. Work is performed under the general supervision of Shift in charge Engineer with support from Plant Operations engineer and is evaluated for quality of water produced, accuracy in tests performed, documentation of records and efficient plant operations. 


Main Responsibilities 

  • Makes regular tours of plant to inspect operations; reads and documents readings and calibrations; adjusts chemical feed rates of equipment; ensures meters and pumps are functioning properly. 
  • Operates computerized and/or manual pumps, motors, and other equipment to adjust for volume, change treatment process, or make other necessary changes. 
  • Reads various charts, graphs, gauges, computer screens and meters, computes from readings and records the water volume pumped; adjusts chemical feed based on analysis of water quality produced; monitors elevated storage tank level. 
  • Collects water samples and performs standard analysis and tests, keep precise records and interprets results; inspects water treatment plant equipment chemical systems for proper operation; reports need for equipment repairs. 
  • The employee will be required to use various types of laboratory equipment used in analysing water quality. 
  • Establishes procedures and work methods for the operations engineers to utilize during off hours economically and efficiently. 
  • Perform plant chemicals and reagents inventory review and prepare purchasing plans as needed to maintain adequate supply. 
  • Perform regeneration of cation and anion exchange resins of Demineralized water plant with support from shift plant operations engineers. 
  • Calibrates and performs preventive maintenance on plant monitoring equipment and chemical feed systems with support from maintenance team, may assist with more difficult or complex equipment repair or replacement. 
  • Receives and unloads chemical deliveries to the plant; assures proper storage; fills, cleans and replaces tanks of chemicals and other tanks. 
  • Maintains accurate and up to date manual and computerized records of work activities. 
  • Mixes and adds chemical treatments; ensures adequate chemical application according to regulations and guidelines; loads and unloads materials and supplies; assists in the storage and transfer of DM plant regeneration chemicals and other hazardous chemicals. 
  • Prepares and maintains plant production data such as water flow and chemical usage, monitors, and reports on plant performance data such as measures of dissolved solids and chlorine residual. 
  • Respond to emergencies and plant water treatment systems problems after hours and on weekends as directed by Shift in charge engineer 

Healthy and Safety:

  • Develop and implement HSE management systems, processes, and procedures that improve business operations under ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Standards. 


  • Knowledge of the principles, practices and processes involved in the treatment of water. 
  • Knowledge of local standards and regulations regarding water and water quality. 
  • Knowledge of chemical analysis and laboratory tests needed and required for water treatment and the use of modern laboratory equipment to perform these tests and analysis. 
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of operating water treatment plants and facilities. 
  • Knowledge of the occupational hazards of work to be accomplished and supervised and the necessary safety precautions needed. 
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations regarding employee health, safety and employment practices. 
  • Ability to maintain inventory control and administer appropriate purchasing policies and procedures. 
  • Ability to conduct strategic statistical, economic and operational evaluations of system operations and facilities. 
  • Ability to implement innovative methods to provide more efficient and effective operations. 
  • Ability to keep routine operational and personnel records and make reports.


Experience, Knowledge & Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Wastewater Treatment.
  • Advanced and specialized expertise.
  • Typically developed through a combination of job-related training and considerable work experience.
  • Minimum 2years of work experience in a similar industry in the same field.


Location Dar es Salaam 
Deadline 31st March 2022


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