Investing for sustainable impact

Human capital is among the key drivers of economic transformation and sustainable development. With the population standing at 57 million and projected to reach 67 million by 2025, Tanzania has the potential to become a strong industrial economy if it prioritizes adequate access to basic services. Coordination between the government and other stakeholders is crucial […]

Young people benefit from opportunities in the energy sector

The energy sector is one of the most integral parts of the Tanzanian economy, creating a total of 33,325 jobs and generating 6.9% of the country’s GDP. With technology continuing to shape the sector, it is clear that a talent pipeline must be developed to ensure strong future growth, both at home and internationally. Tanzania […]

On the wayleave to success

In February, 2017, Songas organised training to empower small businesses in communities along the wayleave with business management and entrepreneurship skills.