Gas Transportation

The gas leaves the processing station at Songo Songo Island (SSI) via a 25 km long, 12 inch diameter under-sea pipeline arriving at the mainland at Somanga. Gas is then transported for 200 km in a 16 inch diameter pipeline to the Ubungo power plant and TANESCO’s generation plants located in Dar es Salaam.

The Songas gas infrastructure is designed to supply 105 million cubic feet per day. Smaller lateral pipelines supply Twiga Cement, Tanzania Breweries and other industries which use gas in their manufacturing processes.

Songas monitors and controls the amount of gas entering its pipeline through a remote and sophisticated control room located at Ubungo. Employees at the SSI processing plant monitor gas flows from the wellhead to the pipeline. As the pipeline route or wayleave enters many villages and landowners properties, Songas has provided community awareness programmes and trained wayleave co-ordinators who regularly monitor activity along the pipeline to ensure the safety and security of the communities along the wayleave.